Unlike many other shops, we can trim, score, perforate, drill, collate, fold, staple, saddle stitch, pad, mechanically bind, shrink wrap, laminate and dry mount, all under one roof. Our clients benefit with competitive pricing, faster turnaround times and higher quality.

Want your postcards, business cards and brochures to POP? Try using UV coating! This special coating will not only help your full color images really stand out, but it will help protect your printed materials and extend their shelf-life, potentially saving you the cost of a reorder! UV coating is cost-effective, so why not add UV coating to your next project that needs a POP of color?


From smaller-scale mailings all the way to hundreds of thousands of pieces, Coastal’s service is beyond compare. List management, inkjetting, stuffing, sealing, tabbing, labeling, sorting, affixing live stamps, and delivery to the post office – we’re here to help make your next direct mail campaign a success.